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Barry Larking provides special counseling services to corporate, government, and professional tax organisations. As an independent consultant with more than 30 years in a variety of roles in domestic, EU and international tax, Barry helps those organizations understand and respond to tax developments worldwide.

Tax Content Marketing


Barry has been writing about tax, whether it be domestic, EU or international, for most of his 30+ years career. His written work, covers a wide range from advice, through technical books and treatises, to news and views. As a recognized authority on a wide range of EU and international tax matters, Barry help organizations communicate on tax, from thought leadership, through reputational risk management, to technical reports and white papers.

Tax Writer
Tax Research and Analysis


As an international tax expert, Barry has always recognized the value of tax information resources, but even more so the importance of the skills needed to identify and explain the underlying materials. Having been responsible for the IBFD’s world class international tax library and provided dedicated 'Big-4' research and analysis services for over 17 years Barry is uniquely placed to give international tax professionals the information they need when and how they need it. Barry is a regular contributor on global tax matters to Tax Analysts' Tax Notes International.

Tax resource strategist
Tax Trainer


As one of the founding instructors at the IBFD’s International Tax Academy, Barry spent around five years developing and presenting courses on a multitude of different international tax topics. Barry spent a further seven years with KPMG’s EU Tax Centre providing training to member firms throughout Europe, as well as individually training up over 40 rising tax talents. In recognition of the need for targeted training among a wider range of organizations, Barry now works as an independent consultant to deliver clear and effective group training as well as individual coaching. He has contributed to many live and online training events and projects for the IBFD.

Barry's Story

Back in the ‘80’s most people in the UK knew nothing about international tax. Myself included. Some 30 years later I’ve learned a thing or two. But it took an emigration to the Netherlands to get there. Why did I do it? Because I wanted to know how tax worked. Outside of a single jurisdiction. I had been working for a few years with a leading city law firm with high end multinational clients, and I had no idea how my advice impacted on the rest of their business outside the UK. I was also keen to combine tax with my love of languages. When I saw the job advert for an international tax manager in Amsterdam I knew this was the key to finding the answers to my questions. In fact many of those answers were picked up along my varied career path, with Big 4 tax advisors, a leading tax publisher, a tax training academy, one of the biggest tax libraries in the world, a boutique tax firm and two tax technical research departments. During that time I’ve been doing little else than writing and speaking about tax, training up tax advisors, multinationals, and government officials from all over the world, as well as developing things like taxonomies, tax analytics tools and audio-visual explainer materials. And I still am, now as an independent consultant. OK, I also sing and collect stamps in my spare time. 

Tax Trainer
A Short bio


  • Oxford University law graduate 

  • 30+ years working in the UK, Dutch, EU and international tax fields

  • Presentations in over 30 countries worldwide

  • 100s of professional articles, news stories, technical reports, webinars, and videos 

  • Seven years directing tax technical support and coordinating online tax resources for KPMG member firms at KPMG’s EU Tax Centre 

  • 17 years with tax technical department of KPMG’s Dutch member firm

  • Author of two major IBFD International Tax Glossary rewrites 

  • Former special tax advisor to the United Nations 

  • Native English speaker; fluent in Dutch; professional working knowledge of French and German

  • Special counsel to corporate, government and professional tax organisations since March 2017

Strategic alliances

As an independent consultant Barry Larking brings organizations the benefits of over 30 years working in a variety of roles in tax writing, resource management and training. Working together with selected partners generates synergies that deliver effective results over an even broader range. The M Group, where Barry is a principal, is a case in point. The M Group provides specialized consulting services and technology solutions to  governments and some of the world’s largest corporations, including tax research and content services.

Do you see a potential synergy?
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